How Lashes Changed the Makeup Industry

Due to the evolution of digital media and the consistent rise in global e-commerce activity, the cosmetic industry is witnessing an astounding upsurge in sales and revenue. The credit is also justified towards the liberation of women in the workplace and the rise of social media influencers. Nevertheless, psychology suggests that both men and women agree that eyes are the best feature in a potential partner’s physical appearance. False lashes enhance your eyes and make them appear bigger and fuller. Furthermore, unlike red lipstick, they can be worn just about anywhere and at any time.

False Eyelashes Are For Any and Every Occasion

Another popular trend in the makeup industry is the no-makeup look. It consists of using makeup that doesn’t show or using no makeup at all. False lashes aren't just for heavy eye makeup looks, they work just fine in no makeup looks too, probably even better. Today’s eyelash strips like mink lashes are produced with such soft and delicate fibers that they look absolutely natural. Therefore, they can be worn to school, work, or even the market when you’ve not even washed your face. They make you appear more attentive and awake.

Why Go For Falsies When You Have Mascara?

Most people always question whether they should go for false eyelashes before finally making the purchase. Our answer is, why not? You see, while mascara has been a girl’s best friend since her teenage years, it’s about time she realizes that’s it’s actually a toxic one. You know, the one that’s not easy to replace but you just gotta do it.

Mascara actually damages your natural lashes in the long run, especially if you wear it to school or work every day. If you keep the practice up, you might need an eyelash transplant in the upcoming years. On the other hand, false eyelashes won’t do your eyes any damage as long as you get the application right. Besides, most of them are reusable and cheaper than mascara in the long run.

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