How Profitable is the Lash Industry

How Profitable Is the Lash Industry?

The false eyelash industry took over the world like a storm back in 2017. While falsies existed way before then, they were far less popular or accessible. To tell you the truth, false lashes back in the day looked too fake. And besides, they were only reserved for the media and precisely looked good on camera only. Nevertheless, the makeup industry is soaring now more than it has ever before. Just like lipstick, false eyelashes have become an important part of women’s everyday makeup routine. Moreover, there’s no denying that once you put some falsies on, no makeup look can ever be complete without them again. Besides, the faux mink lashes look so natural that you won’t even look extra.

Aren't False Lashes Bad For The Eyes?

It is commonly believed that false lashes actually harm your eyes and natural lashes. Nonsense. If that was the case, the industry wouldn’t have crossed a billion dollars in 2018. It is predicted to cross another billion in the next ten years. But why is the eyelash industry profitable in the first place? What’s so crazy about false lashes that people are going insane over them?

Frankly, the whole thing about falsies damaging your natural lashes is just a myth. The common reason for their popularity is that they will not damage your natural lashes and are actually good for your eyes! But how? They provide a barrier to your eyes against dust and grime. Most women refuse to leave the house before applying a layer of mascara. While it is okay occasionally, it can severely damage the lashes in the long run. Rubbing your eyes with mascara, forgetting to take it off before bed, or bathing with waterproof mascara on can make you bald from the eyes in weeks. Thankfully, there’s no such issue with false eyelashes. If you get the application right, you might never even lose a single eyelash.

Why Would Anyone Go For Falsies In 2021?

False eyelashes might seem obsolete in the era of lash lifts and extensions. However, they're the only feasible and comparatively less harmful idea for women to enhance their lashes. Most importantly, they're more affordable and you don’t even need to visit a salon for false lashes application. Most people would prioritize convenience and affordability over everything. False eyelashes tick both the boxes.

Are False Lashes A Good Business In 2021?

Of course! 2020 didn’t just bring about a pandemic. It brought forth a wave of entrepreneurial energy in the general public. It was also the best year for influencers and home-based makeup artists. False eyelashes have already crossed the 1 billion dollar mark and are said to cross 1.8 billion in the next 3 years. You have all the avenues available to invest in lashes for business when you start with Lash Fanatics Wholesale. If you market the business rightly, you might even make a 100% profit annually.

Marketing shouldn’t be too difficult. All you have to do is decide on a catchy name for your brand, build your website, invest into packaging your products nicely, and send a pack or two to influencers who will promote your product. But first, you'll need to accumulate high-quality lashes to actually sell them. You’ll want to get them from a trustworthy and reliable wholesaler like Lash Fanatics Wholesale.

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